About - Black Businesses of South Bend / Mishawaka


The mission of this Website is as follows:

To connect Black Owned Businesses and Black Consumers in the South Bend/Mishawaka Metropolitan area.

To expose Black Consumers to Black Owned alternatives to the goods and services already in use outside of their own community.

To aggregate Black Consumers for the benefit of Black Owned Businesses.

To promote unity between Black Businesses and Black Consumers.


What it is:

This site is a resource for generating awareness and growth of Black Owned Businesses and Organizations. It is geared primarily toward Black Consumers by Black voices, however, it's content is still for all to consume. This site is not Anti-White business or any other group. It should not be taken as an affront to unity among all. Yes #AllBusinessesMatter however this site is dedicated to creating awareness of a specific subsection of the whole. We encourage all to support the listed businesses because it ultimately benefits everyone.


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